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Daily UI - 107 - Settings


#dailyui 007 - Settings

Back to it after a busy week! Today for the settings brief I decided to design an iPhone interface allowing you to alter the hue of images.

When designing for hand held devices (especially phones) it is SO important to really consider the user and how varying their fat fingers, haha! But seriously, if buttons are too small it can be difficult to tap them, equally if they are too big you can tap them by accident. The rule of proximity should also be considered, placing buttons to close together can lead to further frustration.

Also, don’t forget design patterns that are VERY COMMON, use these! For example, the back button on a web browser is always found in the top left of the screen. Notice how in this design I positioned the close button in the top left, exactly the same position as you would find a back button on a browser. Whenever you can, help the user, don’t make them think!

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