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Daily UI - 094 - News

#dailyui - 094 - News

Back to my normal routine this morning. Really enjoyed todays brief - News. The web is so full of news to consume, about every topic under the sun and I find looking at the way the major news websites (BBC, Guardian, Reddit) so interesting! It is a real insight into how these big organisations think people consume their articles and information, fascinating.

If you are new to design, especially in the digital world, analyse the big websites that receive A LOT of traffic. Study how they structure data and what they place priority on, these big sites are spending a lot of money understanding how to keep their traffic so the design decisions they make are worth studying.

The BBC even has a whole website dedicated to the design decisions it makes online, called the BBC GEL (Global Experience Language) google that and absorb!

Anyway, enjoy your Wednesday!!

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