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Daily UI - 091 - Curated for you

#dailyui 091 - Curated for you

Some days, you just don’t feel like it, today was one of those days! Anyway, enough of that rubbish.

Curated for you? The design I did yesterday felt a bit like this, so I thought instead of turning to imagery this morning I would use another great love of mine, quotes. This one in particular by Lao Tzu is particularly profound and relevant to anyone who might be starting something or in the first few months of a new routine! JustKeepGoing!

I will through the time lapse up later, fonts for today are Playfair Display Black and Raleway Bold.

This design went through quite a few revisions, originally it was another grid layout, but that seemed stale and not very focused. In my mind a curated feed is very specific, and focused, I want to be shown items that are really relevant to me and what I might be interested in.

Its Friday! Have an awesome weekend whatever your doing and see you next week (or maybe tomorrow).

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