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Daily UI - 090 - Create New

#dailyui 090 - Create New

Wow 90! Almost at 100, the past few months of doing this daily design work have been amazing, already got plans for what I am going to do after it finishes.

Anyway, todays design was inspired by the launch of the collections feature on @unsplash - incredibly handy if like me, you are prone to hyper organisation!! (All space pics have their own folder, haha). 

Todays design was also cut short slightly by my screen recording software stopping for some reason, it kind of felt like that was a great point to stop, so this is where I got too. I think this was likely to be one of those briefs where I spent ages fiddling with it and probably ending up with something completely different to where I started.

I realised that I had stopped adding the fonts I was using, honestly, I use Roboto for almost everything unless I am trying to invoke a particular feeling. However in this instance I used the lovely Avenir!

Have a great Thursday! Oh and as always a huge thank you to the contributors of these #photographs and to #unsplash for making them available!! 

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