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Daily UI - 100 - Homepage

#dailyui - 100 - DailyUI Homepage

So, thats it, 100 days of DailyUI (Monday to Friday, but most of the time I did the weekends too). What a journey! I had a bit of resistance this morning to actually doing the final design, everything ends I suppose. 

Homepage design today for the DailyUI site, you will see in the time-lapse later that I start to fiddle with this design a lot but I stopped and let it be. Remember friends ’Never let perfect be the enemy of good enough’.

So what now? Well actually, I am going to start again, right from the beginning. The past few months have been such a good process for me I want to continue. I’m also going to start posting design breakdowns, showing how I got to the final design, so keep your eyes peeled for that!

Thank you for following me along the past few months, the community on here is amazing and your encouragement keeps me motivated. And a big thank you to @dailyui for the e-mails, @unsplash and all its amazing photographers for the free imagery and @paulflavius for inspiring the whole thing!

See you tomorrow! 

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