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Daily UI - 099 - Categories

#dailyui - 099 - Categories

Good morning! Todays brief was really interesting, I wanted to lean towards my default and create a simple grid layout with pretty @unsplash pictures that act as different categories. I took some time, thought about it further and went in a different direction, exploring how this UI element might react as the screen size changed.

It was a really thought provoking exercise, moving from a large element and subtracting to its basic form. I’m not 100% satisfied that it works, categories usually come in the form of lists, because lists are easy to understand.

And user interfaces should be easy to understand. Incredible online experience, comes from a place of no thinking. When you use a website or app and it feels like hard work? Thats not good, you shouldn’t have to think. An old boss of mine told me of a pet peeve, doors with handles, you pull to open them, when you need to push, this is terrible design, terrible experience!

It's worth keeping this idea at the front of your mind when designing for the web, ask these questions. Does this make sense? Is this easy to use? 

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