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Daily UI - 098 - Advertisement

#dailyui - 098 - Advertisement

Only 2 more to go!! Then it's the big 100. 

Todays brief was advertisement, I knew at the beginning I was going to do something related to time. And after watching my friends design tutorial on creating an egg timer in Illustrator I thought I would give it a go.

It’s so good to keep pushing yourself and trying new things, I don’t feel very comfortable in Illustrator, I feel clumsy using it so getting a bit of extra practice is always worth it.

You will see from the video I post later on the crazy different stages this design went through. Originally I started to work up a piece of text to advertise ‘making time’, this evolved to what you see here, an app advertisement. The best thing about doing these personal design tasks is the ability to just chop and change. But you have to stop somewhere and once I started to change this design for a 3rd time, I stopped and finished.

It’s great to practice, but you need to know when to stop!

Roll on 099!

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