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Daily UI - 097 - Giveaway

#dailyui - 097 - Giveaway

(Photography by @rmaedavis shared via @unsplash - thank you!! :) :) )

Travel related giveaway design today, I visited this castle a few years ago now, what a fantastic place.

It would of been easy this morning to design something more abstract, which a lot of my work has been during this challenge. But I think it is always good to ground a design brief in reality and think about how it might be applied to an actual device, wether that be an iPhone, tablet or desktop. 

From a production perspective I love to think of this page being totally animated, if you tap the main giveaway image, it slides away to the left and relevant information including a submission button slides in.

Adding animation to these designs is something I have mentioned before, my skills in that area are pretty basic and my workflow for creation is pretty nailed at the moment so I’m not looking to mix it up.

097 so the 100 is almost here, Thursday in fact. Time to start planning whats coming next!

Happy Monday everyone, make it a good one!

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