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Daily UI - 088 - Avatar

This design didn’t come easily, you will see that in the video I post up later. I wasn’t really sure how to interpret it, originally I was going to use actual pictures and create some kind of dashboard that would allow you to switch between profits, but that idea went down the pan.

Thats the funny thing about designing around such a loose brief, it can be difficult to stay on track and not spiral into infinite iterations of the design. Honestly, there has been a few times when I have redesigned the same dailyUI multiple times, before catching myself and thinking ‘right, this needs to be finished, just decide’.

And its not that I’m unhappy with any of the iterations, its just this niggling habit to alter something, improve it slightly, adjust that, change this colour. All of that adds up to something completely different from what you started with.

You can stop that though, I can stop it, enforce a time limit - once thats up its done. But what if? What if you carried on, who knows what you might create!

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