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Daily UI - 087 - Tooltip

#dailyui 087 - tooltip

Good morning, it is Monday, and a leap day, making today extra special!! Really enjoyed designing todays brief, I always think it would be awesome if Youtube recognised common objects (or animals in this case) and when the video paused threw up extra tidbits of information pulled from the web, so thats what I designed.

Yes, I know this doesn’t look like a youtube video, but that was my thinking behind the use of the tooltip. Also notice how I used the Wikipedia logo to indicate where the link is taking you. I have talked about this before and think adding recognised logos to buttons could be really powerful for a number of reasons, if not just to improve user experience.

Anyhow, if I don’t stop typing I will ramble on forever. Enjoy the free PSD, I hope you find it useful and have a great leap day Monday!!

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